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Release April 11th
Her Hero-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Release April 18th
Esther, An Easter -- Hildie McQueen

Montana Born and Bred Hildie McQueen
Montana Born and Bred

The Duke's Fiery Bride-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Join Newsletter -- Hildie McQueen

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Taming Lisa -- Hildie McQueen


Taming Lisa

Lisa Pasqualone's day couldn't be worse. She stole a cat, is attacked by the armed owner and finds herself attracted to her attacker. Thankfully she had her eyebrows and lip waxed. Her face will look good when she's in the casket.

Max Collins isn't sure what's worse. Being shot point blank in the crotch with a paint gun or accepting a drink with the cat-napper. If only the woman wasn't so cute, he'd be able to keep from planning a way to get to know her better.

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