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Release April 11th
Her Hero-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Release April 18th
Esther, An Easter -- Hildie McQueen

Montana Born and Bred Hildie McQueen
Montana Born and Bred

The Duke's Fiery Bride-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Join Newsletter -- Hildie McQueen

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 Lady and the Scot -- Hildie McQueen


Lady and The Scot - Moriag Series, Book 3

Aiden Stuart has become restless with the monotony of his life. Just as he considers taking to the seas again, his village is attacked. Between the new battle for his home and a beautiful woman who calls to his soul, the last thing his feels now is boredom.

Breena McGalen is searching for an escape. Will take any opportunity to flee from the cruel man she is engaged to. Upon meeting the handsome laird, Aiden Stuart, she wonders if he will be her rescuer or destroy any chance of happiness.

Entangled in different battles, destiny brings two lovers together in a way neither of them imagined.

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