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Release April 11th
Her Hero-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Release April 18th
Esther, An Easter -- Hildie McQueen

Montana Born and Bred Hildie McQueen
Montana Born and Bred

The Duke's Fiery Bride-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Join Newsletter -- Hildie McQueen

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Montana Born -- Hindle McQueen

Montana Born

Instant attraction brings out the best and the worst in some people. In this case, what can be a charming love story turns ugly really fast!

Love of land brings Sully Cole back to Alder Gulch, Montana. A multi-million offer although tempting is hard to accept, even if it includes dealing with the beautiful designer Elle Tyler.

Elle figures the best way to get the arrogant landowner to understand she doesn’t sleep with clients for a land deal is to bring out a secret weapon... the crazy women in her family. .

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