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Release April 11th
Her Hero-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Release April 18th
Esther, An Easter -- Hildie McQueen

Montana Born and Bred Hildie McQueen
Montana Born and Bred

The Duke's Fiery Bride-- Hildie McQueen
Her Hero

Join Newsletter -- Hildie McQueen

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Cowboys in Paradise -- Hildie McQueen

Cowboy in Paradise

Years after losing the love of his life, a cowboy may find it again in paradise.
Curt Stapleton, a rancher from Montana who's fiancée disappeared two weeks before the wedding, may find all the answers to why at a resort known for making fantasies come true.

Elisa Reyes ran from the love of her life for a reason. The truth of why will tear his life apart. Coming face to face with him after years tests her willpower to keep the truth from him at all costs. 

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